Clyde is wonderfully responsive, more than once helping us, or clients, with emergencies on very short notice. He has become our "go-to" guy. He is the one we always call first, and we recommend him without reservations.

- Lake Travis Home Team
Kathryn & Tom Williamson

Whether it's home repair for a sale, customizing your dream home or just fixing up your house. Contact "The Home Repair Service" for all your home repair projects.

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*Pressure Washing*

For Your Home or Business!

Pressure cleaning the exterior of your home makes all the difference with a sale, preserving exterior surfaces & giving the fresh / clean appearance your home deserves!   

"The Home Repair Service" can renew the look of your home with annual pressure washing. Pressure washing of your home is an inexpensive way to preserve the life and look of all your house exterior or exterior paint job.

Our Pressure Cleaning service removes mold, mildew, dirt and debris from exterior surfaces.

House Washing or Pressure Cleaning will not damage plants, siding, windows...etc. We offer "low pressure" cleaning methods for areas where high pressure is not needed, such as screened porches, roofs, shingles, etc.


Home Improvement Ideas

Little Things Can Mean a Lot
No matter how old your home is, a few little updates can result in a new and improved appearance. Whether you opt to do it yourself or hire a handyman, paying attention to a couple of details around the house can make a difference.

Organizing the Home Maximizes Space and Simplifies Life
The folks at Home Repair Service suggest there are a few things a competent home improvement contractor can do that will enhance your quality of life long-term.

Look on the Bright Side — Combat Gray Days with Colorful Interiors
As the weather turns colder, you can anticipate spending more time indoors. However, you still can keep an upbeat "summer attitude" by introducing vibrant colors to your home's interior.

Deck Repair & Maintenance
For many American homeowners, the early weeks of summer are an invitation to take the party out to the backyard patio or deck. Before you haul out the grill and light the tiki torches, however, take some time to do a little preventive maintenance.  


Buyer Beware When Shopping Online
The Internet has revolutionized the way consumers worldwide shop for everything from books to shoes. In terms of convenience and cost-savings, online shopping is often a good thing. But sometimes, as in the case of home repair services, the risks may outweigh the benefits.




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As our reference list attests, your satisfaction is #1

Clyde Goodnough is an excellent and reliable all-around handyman.  We have been thrilled with his work and his immediate response to desperate pleas.  Clyde is very no nonsense.  He charges a fair price and delivers quality work.  If he can't fix it, he has a verified recommendation of who can.  Clyde has been our home's "wllness" professional for over three years.  He keeps our house in excellent health by maintaining the big and little "things".

- Jerri Ann Yznaga

My Husband's "honey-do" list turned into a "never-do" list, so I turned to Clyde to get our rental home back in shape for the next tenant.  Clyde also does work on a regular basis at our current home, including painting, wall repair, plumbing work, ceiling fan installation, and more.  He's always on-time, tidy and fairly priced.

- Kristi C.

As a retiree, there are some things around my house I just can't do any more.  Clyde has helped me with fence repair, adding shelves in my garage, replacing our garbage disposal and touch-up painting of our walls.  Clyde does quality work, quickly.  I trust him and highly recommend him.

- Steve L.

The purpose of this letter is to state how pleased I have been with "The Home Repair Service".  Clyde Goodnough has performed work for me at both my home and my place of employment.  He has been very easy to communicate with and completes the task on time with no surprises.  I have found Clyde not only to be a hard worker but knowledgeable in a wide variety of repair work.  This guy knows plumbing, electrical as well as counter tops, bathroom fixtures and on and on.  Before Clude, I had accounts with electricians, plumbers, dry wall folks, painters and others.  Now if I have something to be repaired - I call Clyde regardless of what it is.  I would Recommend Clyde to anybody that needs repair work performed - just a good guy to know!

- Bart Bade

Clyde Goodnough, owner of "The Home Repair Service", has worked with us, our friends, and our real estate clients for over eight years.  We cannot recommend him highly enough.  Clyde is wonderfully responsive, more than once helping us, or clients, with emergencies on very short notice.  He has become our "go-to" guy.  He is the one we always call first, and we recommend him without reservations.

- Lake Travis Home Team (
  Kathryn & Tom Williamson